Friday, September 29, 2006

China Business

There are a multitude of trade and investment opportunities for exporters in the China market. Some of the major sectors currently experiencing rapid growth are: processed food and beverages, gambling, transport, IT and telecommunications, minerals and energy, environment protection, building construction products and services. Three of the major growth industries though are the exporting of education, processed food and wine products.

Dress styles are changing quickly in today's China. The uniform-like Mao jacket is being replaced by Western-style suits and, sometimes, ties. Foreigners should dress formally. Women should avoid low necklines and hemlines that rise above the knee. Jewelry will be noticed; modest gold jewelry and a quality watch will count in your favor. However, avoid overly expensive jewelry or showy ornaments.

In Chinese business culture, conservative suits and ties in subdued colors are the norm. Bright colors of any kind are considered inappropriate.

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