Saturday, September 30, 2006


Situated on the middle of Minshan Mountain ranges northeast of Songpan County, Sichuan Province, Huanglong Scenic Area is a state first-class scenic zone, reputed as "Jasper Lake on Earth".

Colorful Lakes Reflecting azalea flowers: They are groups of colorful lakes surrounded by azalea shrubs. Innumerable red and green exotic azalea blossoms sparkle lustrously upon the surface of the lakes.

Zhengyanchi (Lakes Vying with One Another for Beauty): It's the largest group of Huanglong colorful lakes. They vary with one another in size, shape and color. Under the brilliant sunlight from different angles, the Lakes glow alternately with a variety of color: light blue, dark green, light yellow, bluish green, dark blue etc. Viewed from afar, they resemble a spread tail of a peacock.

Back Temple of Huanglong: In Huanglong, there are three temples: the front, middle and back, at an interval of 2500 meters. The Back Temple, basically in good shape was constructed at the end of the Huanglong Gully, with Yucui Peak at back, encompassing 2100 square meters. The buildings, simple and in good taste are of wooden structure with a courtyard and green-tiled roofs. On the lintel of the entrance gate are hung two parallel boards. The upper board is inscribed with the Chinese characters of "Huanglong Ancient Temple", on the middle, "Flying Pavilion Glowing Vermilion" on the right, and "Clear Mountain and Blue Water" on the left. The lower board is inscribed with "Distant Bosom Hearts are Linked" in vigorous and simple calligraphy. One of the two antithetical couplets in the Temple goes: "The Howling of Wind, Pitter-pattering of Rain, and Chiming of Bells, Every Sound is Real; The color of Mountain, The Color of Lake and the Color of Sunrays, All Colors are Illusory." The Grand Hall houses a statue of the True Man of Huanglong in the center. The Temple is encircled by broad lawns.

Huanglong Cave: The Cave entrance is surrounded by azalea shrubs. 10 meters from the entrance, the Cave broadens into a spacious hall, 20 meters high and 50 meters wide. The Cave contains numerous minor caves of various size and shape, which are hard to explore. There are three life-size stalactites resembling seated statues of Buddha.

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