Saturday, September 30, 2006

Olympic Games 2008

The 2008 Olympic games is a very special opportunity for all Chinese. Here in Beijing , we, Ocean Travel Agency, mainly provide all of our friends throughout the world a platform which to get the important information about it. As we all know, the goal of Olympic games is to host high-level Olympic Games and high-level Olympics with distinguishing features, to realize the strategic concepts of "New Beijing, Great Olympics" and to leave a unique legacy for China and world sports.

Three concepts have been adopted for the Beijing Olympic Games, namely, the Green Olympics, the High-tech Olympics and the People’s Olympics.
Green Olympics - Environmental protection is a key prerequisite for designing and constructing the Olympic Games’ facilities, while strict ecological standards and systematic guarantee systems will be established.
Environmentally friendly technologies and measures will be widely applied in environmental treatment to structures and venues. Urban and rural afforestation and environmental protection will be widely enhanced in an all-round manner. Environmental awareness will be promoted among the general publ
ic, with citizens greatly encouraged to make "green" consumption choices and urged to actively participate in various environmental improvement activities to help better the capital`s ecological standards and build a city better fit for all to enjoy.
High-tech Olympics - A grand sporting event featuring high technology will be held by incorporating the latest domestic and international scientific and technological achievements. Beijing will upgrade its scientific innovative capabilities, boosting the industrialization of high-tech achievements and popularizing their use in daily life. The Beijing Olympic Games is to serve as a window to showcase the city’s high-tech achievements and its innovative strength.
People’s Olympics - The Beijing Olympic Games will be an occasion to spread modern Olympic ideas, while displaying splendid Chinese culture, Beijing`s historical and cultural heritage, and its residents’ positive attitudes. It will also be an opportunity to advance cultural exchanges, to deepen understanding and friendship between the peoples of the world, and to promote harmonious development between mankind and nature. It will be a time to promote healthy interaction between individuals and society and to foster mental and physical health. In line with the "people-oriented" and "athletes-centered" ideas, Beijing will spare no efforts to provide quality services and to build a natural and social environment that will satisfy all the Games’ participants.

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