Monday, October 02, 2006


Located on the Lianhua Ocean of Zhoushan Archipelagoto the east of Hangzhou GuIf,Mount Putuo covers an area of only 12.5 square kilometers. There are many wonderful scenic sites on the island,including" Temples and Nunneries”“Golden Sands"," Exotic Rocks","Tide Sounds and "Mirage" which are callad Five Putuo Beautie,and" Lotus Pool's Night","Pantuo Evening GIow"," Duanyin Sacred Site" etc.which are caIled Ten Famous' Sites. So it is known as " the Buddahist Kingdom amidst the Sea and Sky" Mount Putuo.It is one of China's four Buddhist Sacred Mountains has a long history in 916 A.D. it began toenshrine Guanyin ,and in1214,it was designated to perfom Buddhist rites especially enshrining Guanyin.The main scenic spots are three large temples named PujiFayu and HuijiPurple Bamboo Forost Da Cheng Monastry Guanyins Footstep and mount Luojia. There are Over 50O monks and nuns In the mountain.and pilgrims over one million evey year. On Guanyins Three Festivals(19th of Februarv, June and September In Chinese lunar calendar),pilgrims gather here like tide
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