Monday, December 18, 2006

Protected Sites: Ang'angxi Site

Ang'angxi Site is located near Ang'angxi Town in Qiqihaer City, Heilongjiang Province.

There is a large dune area located at the site near Ang'angxi Town. To date cultural relics were unearthed in four dunes. Tombs were discovered at the excavations in 1928 and 1930. After the foundation of the new China, a large number of fine stoneware and pottery were discovered at the site along with some ash pits and more tomb sites. The site belongs to the Neolithic Age during both the early and late periods.

Stoneware unearthed at the site can be grouped into three categories: fine stone implements, large chipped-stoneware and polished ware. Of the stoneware, the fine stone implements were most abundant, including arrowheads, sharp-pointed ware, scraping ware, knife-shaped tools and trapezoid-shaped gallets. Stone arrowheads were made of chert and stone marrow. The trapezoid-shaped gallet was embedded in the knife handle. Polished ware included knives and plates.

Bone ware mainly consisted of spearheads and fish darts -- the longest measuring about 16.4 centimeters. Such fishing tools tied to the end of the spear are very common at the Ang'angxi Site. Also many animal bones were unearthed at the site, indicating that fishing played an important role in people's lives back then.

Pottery discovered at the site was made by hand in a simple style. The underdeveloped pottery craft probably resulted from the period's backward agriculture.

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